Anne T. Baum's Watercolor Gallery

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AtMaritimeMuseum.jpg (30618 bytes)

Trees.jpg (52316 bytes)

Barn.jpg (38755 bytes) Walking.jpg (47665 bytes)

At Maritime Museum, Watercolor, 17" x 14.5" Matted and Framed, $225

Winter Glow, Watercolor, 17" x 14.5" Matted and Framed, $225 Red Barn, Watercolor,  15" x 13" Matted and Framed, $175 Walk in the Park, Watercolor, 16.75 x 13" Matted and Framed, $250

Fish.jpg (40367 bytes)

Anne'sDryDock.jpg (38077 bytes)

wpe8.jpg (35457 bytes) AnnesBoatsPainting3.jpg (46117 bytes)
Koi Fish #1, Watercolor, 19" x 15.5" Matted and Framed, $265

Dry Dock, 17" x 14.5", Matted and Framed, $225

Winter West Stockbridge, Watercolor, 18" x14.5", Matted and Framed,  $250 Boats (1), Watercolor, 17.5" x 15" Matted and Framed, $250
Anne'sBeforeTheUnveiling.jpg (41432 bytes) PinkRoseWatercolor9x12.jpg (1821740 bytes)

Anne'sFlowerBox.jpg (37363 bytes)

Boats.jpg (44904 bytes)

Before the Unveiling, Watercolor, 17" x 14.5, Matted and Framed, $225 Pink Rose, Watercolor, 9"x12", Unframed

Flower Box - Assisi, 14"x17", Matted and Framed, $250

Boats 2 (Bellport), Watercolor, 14" x 17" Matted and Framed, $250

SunflowersWithBrickBkgd.jpg (32806 bytes)

3BoatsW.Sayville.jpg (32730 bytes)

LoneTree2.jpg (113902 bytes)

wpe3.jpg (40637 bytes)

Sunflowers with Brick Wall, 13.5"x21", Matted and Framed on Request

3 Boats, Maritime Museum, W. Sayville, 9"x12", $175 Unframed, $275 Framed

Lone Tree, 9"x12", Unframed

Waterfall, Watercolor, 13.5"x21" Matted and Framed, $375

ConeFlower(BlackEyedSusan).jpg (109201 bytes)

BoyOnBeach(3).jpg (27287 bytes)

SculptureGardenPecsHundary.jpg (31721 bytes)

Orchids2.jpg (35084 bytes)

Cone Flowers (Black Eyed Susan), 14.5"x17" Matted and Framed, $225

Jordan Playing in the Sand, 9"x12"; Price on Request

Sculpture Garden, Pecs Hungary, 12"x16", Unframed

Orchids, 21"x28" Matted and Framed, $375

RedTulipsInAvase.jpg (31133 bytes)

OrangeBudsInPurpleVase9x12WatercolorReduced.jpg (35964 bytes)

OrangeTulips.jpg (37861 bytes)

BirchTrees.jpg (35714 bytes)

Red Tulips in a Vase, 7"x9", Unframed

Chinese Lanterns,   Watercolor, 9"x12", Unframed

Orange Tulips, 14"x17" Matted and Framed, $185

Birch Trees, 19.5"x24" Matted and Framed, $350

AnnesSummerDay.jpg (37442 bytes)

CleaningThe Boat2.jpg (25974 bytes)

ThreeSunflowersOnGreen.jpg (38090 bytes)

Drydock.jpg (29376 bytes)

Summer Day, 9"x12" Unframed

Cleaning the Boat, Watercolor, 4"x6" + Matt and Frame, $150

3 Sunflowers on Green Cloth, 14.5"x17" Matted and Framed,  $225

Dry-dock W. Sayville, 14.5"x17" Matted and Framed, $225

SailorsGettingTheBoatReady2.jpg (33294 bytes)

StillLifeApplesInAbox.jpg (42814 bytes)

SunflowersNearWindow.jpg (23132 bytes)

WestSayville.jpg.jpg (40623 bytes)

Sailors Getting the Boat Ready, 8.5"x10.5" Matted and Framed, $110

Copy of CÚzanne, Apples and a Brown Bottle, 12"x16", Unframed

Sunflowers Near the Window, 9"x12",  + Matt and Frame

West Sayville - In the Sun, 9"x12", + Matt and Frame  

Islip_Mueseum_in_the_Spring.jpg (83434 bytes)

Islip_Museum_in_the_Fall.jpg (79228 bytes)

Pink_Orchids.jpg (45037 bytes)

Swan_Lake_in_the_Fall.jpg (59636 bytes)

Islip Museum in the Spring, 7"x5", $125 Framed

Islip Museum in the Fall, 7.75"x5", $125 Framed

Pink Orchids, 6"x7", $175 Framed

Swan Lake in the fall, 7"x5", $125 Framed

ConnetquatPark2.jpg (34927 bytes)

Summer.jpg (67728 bytes)

Fall.jpg (70881 bytes)

Winter2.jpg (403566 bytes)

Connetquot Park, 13.5"x17" Matted and Framed, $225

Summer, 5"x7", $75 

Fall, 5"x7", $75 

Winter, 5"x7", $75 

MaritimeMuseum5.jpg (37503 bytes)

BoysFIshing2.jpg (30616 bytes)

Dry_Dock_Tugboat_small.jpg (255731 bytes)

St_Thomas_Seaside.jpg (29080 bytes)

Long Island Maritime Museum, 9"x12", $175 Unframed, $275 Framed

Boys Fishing

Dry Dock Tugboat, W. Sayville, 13"x16", $175 Matted

 Seaside, 14"x20" Framed

Relaxing.jpg (144098 bytes)

fruit&vase.jpeg (122992 bytes)

3pears.jpeg (142254 bytes)

Still Life with Banana & Br Vase.jpg (138805 bytes)

Relaxing by the Bay, 9"x12", $95 Unframed

Still Life, Blue Vase & Apples, 19"x23" Matted and Framed

Three Pears,  9"x12",  + Matt and Framed

Still Life with Banana & Br Vase, 12"x16" Unframed


Still Life with Gourds.jpg (128132 bytes)

Still Life with Green Candle.jpg (141845 bytes)

Moored_at_W_Sayville_small.jpg (272949 bytes)

The_Leaning_Tree_Small.jpg (338878 bytes)

Still Life with Gourds, 12"x16" Unframed

Still Life with Green Candle,  12"x16" Unframed  

Moored at W. Sayville Marina, 16"x20", Matted and Framed, $325

The Leaning Tree, W. Sayville Marina, 16"x20", $195; Matted and Framed, $275

Arbor_in_the_Back_small.jpg (279139 bytes)

Watercolor_Girl_Flowers_Small.jpg (112021 bytes)

Still_Life_-_With_Grapes_Books_and_Pumpkin.jpg (120882 bytes)

The_Barn.jpg (89043 bytes)

The Arbor in the Back, W. Sayville, 10"x14", $125 Matted  

Writing a Letter, 18"x24", Matted and Framed

Still Life - With Grapes, Books and Pumpkin

The Barn

Sun_Flower_Grapes_and_Candle,jpg.jpg (240869 bytes)

Red_Poppies.jpg (259538 bytes)

Still_Life_with_Fruit_&_Daisies(1).jpg (133567 bytes)

Still_Life_with_Fruits&Flowers.jpg (324381 bytes)

Sunflowers, Grapes and Candle

Red Poppies

Still Live with Fruits and Daisies

Still Life with Fruits & Flowers

Laguna_Beach_CA.JPG (697933 bytes)

E._Patchogue_Dock.JPG (189079 bytes)

The_Light_of_the_Early_Sun.JPG (687678 bytes)

The_Beauty_of_Spring.JPG (783819 bytes)

Laguna Beach CA

E. Patchogue Dock

The Light of the Early Sun

The Beauty of Spring

Rough_Seas.JPG (214468 bytes)

Swan_Lake.jpg.JPG (422208 bytes)

Barbara_in_Karen's_Garden.jpg.JPG (407540 bytes)

IMG_0822 (735x1024).jpg (171473 bytes)

Rough Seas

Swan Lake

Barbara in Karen's Garden

Spring Bouquet

IMG_0852 (1024x683).jpg (202786 bytes)

Daffodils on Round Table (1024x693).jpg (203048 bytes)

Field of Sweet Williams

Daffodils on Round Table


Portrait_1.jpg (198156 bytes)

Portrait_2.jpg (228826 bytes)

Portrait_3.jpg (203269 bytes)

Portrait_4.jpg (210167 bytes)





Portrait_5.jpg (190770 bytes)

Portrait_6.jpg (178681 bytes)

Portrait_7.jpg (210989 bytes)

Arden2.jpg (191181 bytes)




Arden, 9"x112"

 Portrait of a Young Woman.jpg (20904 bytes)

AcomaWoman.jpg (32128 bytes)

Anna.jpg (78729 bytes)

Chris2.jpg (190982 bytes)

Portrait of a Young Woman, 12"x16", Unframed

Acoma Woman, 21"x17" Matted and Framed, $350  

Anna, 9"x13", Not for sale

Chris, 10"x14"

Diane2.jpg (216979 bytes)

Portrait_0_Mar_2014.jpg (267597 bytes)

Portrait_1_Mar_2014.jpg (231359 bytes)

Portrait_2_Mar_2014.jpg (198477 bytes)

Diane, 10"x14"




Portrait_3_Mar_2014.jpg (187161 bytes) Portrait_4_Mar_2014.jpg (204668 bytes)

Portrait_5_Mar_2014.jpg (202303 bytes)

Portrait_4_25_14 (1)_Small.jpg (225207 bytes)

11 12



Portrait_4_25_14_Small.jpg (235167 bytes) Portrait_2014_cropped.jpg (174231 bytes)

Caryn.jpg (346924 bytes)

Sally.jpg (1321689 bytes)

15 16



IMG_1107.JPG (1604543 bytes)

IMG_1196.JPG (1419956 bytes)

A_Pensive_Look.JPG (1890663 bytes)

John S.


A Pensive Look

Mass MOCA Watercolor Paintings

Many_Faces (2).jpg (433021 bytes)

Looking_Through_the_Window.jpg (490407 bytes)

Within_and_Out.jpg (680887 bytes)

Within_a_Dream.jpg (737141 bytes)

Many Faces, 12" x 14" without mat

Looking Through the Window

Within and Out

Within  a Dream

Swirls_of_Color.jpg (548637 bytes)

Outlined_in_Silver.jpg (376152 bytes)

In_Conversation.jpg (376735 bytes)

Let_the_Chips_Fall_Where_They_May.jpg.JPG (482746 bytes)

Swirls of Color

Outlined in Silver

In Conversation

Let the Chips Fall where They May

Colored_Puzzel.jpg (285192 bytes)

Birds_in_Flight(1).jpg (369720 bytes)

Faces _Behind_the_Bricks.JPG (908270 bytes)

March_of_the_Animals(1).jpg (53940 bytes)

Colored Puzzle

Birds in Flight

Faces Behind the Bricks

March of the Animals

Behind_The_Glass(1).JPG (1242132 bytes)

Wooden_Column_Revisited.jpg (407799 bytes)

Tree1.jpg (152745 bytes)

Longing (852x1024).jpg (578681 bytes)

Behind the Glass

Wooden Column Revisited

Little Tree (Giclee Available)

Longing, 9" x 12" without mat

Behind_the_Bricks.JPG (251670 bytes)

Ghosts_of_Yesteryear.jpg (418147 bytes)

Looking_back_150_Years.jpg (606978 bytes)

Variation_of_Stonewall(1).jpg (55590 bytes)

Behind the Bricks

Ghosts of Yesteryear

Looking Back 150 Years

Variation of a Stonewall


IMG_0817 (697x1024).jpg (264435 bytes)

IMG_0849 (683x1024).jpg (211343 bytes)

IMG_0819.JPG (103020 bytes)

IMG_0818.JPG (249922 bytes)

Door from Hungary #2

Door from Hungary #4

Door from Hungary #1

Door from Hungary #3

IMG_2901 (777x1024) (2).jpg (293464 bytes)

IMG_2903 (765x1024).jpg (325241 bytes)

IMG_2904 (765x1024).jpg (243160 bytes)

IMG_2906 (765x1024).jpg (341204 bytes)

Deerfield Historical Town, Dark Door

Deerfield Historical Town,  Door #1

Deerfield Historical Town,  Door #2

Deerfield Historical Town,  Door #3

IMG_0820.JPG (3531171 bytes)

IMG_0855.JPG (275723 bytes)

IMG_0821 (728x1024).jpg (237645 bytes)

BAUM door archtop.jpg (356667 bytes)

San Antonio Mission Door #2

San Antonio Mission Door #3

San Antonio Mission Door #1

BAUM Dbl Green Door with Angel pinkish wall (736x1024).jpg (262287 bytes)

BAUM Dbl Brown Door on Stone Wall (737x1024).jpg (289161 bytes)

BAUM Brown Door with Squares (766x1024).jpg (240770 bytes)

Double Green Door with Angel Pinkish Wall

Matyas Church, Budapest

Double Brown Door on Stone Wall 

Double Brown Door with Squares

BAUM door w Horse (1024x770).jpg (219269 bytes)

Salmon Doors (781x1024).jpg (249443 bytes)

yellow 3d (805x1024).jpg (164984 bytes)

Church (1024x747).jpg (448786 bytes)

Waiting Patiently St. Elizabeth Church Hungarian Door Check Republic Church
Anne4.jpg (138061 bytes) Anne's_The_Last_.Door.jpg.jpg (1264272 bytes)
Door, Canyon Road, Santa Fe The Last Door
Budapest Scenes
Anne5.jpg (185184 bytes) wpe2.jpg (113994 bytes)   anne2.jpg (271345 bytes) Anne3.jpg (135149 bytes)
Budapest Church  Budapest Arches Budapest Parliament Budapest Bridge



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